Handcraft upholstery

Historical furniture upholstery renovation

When restoring historical furniture I use original natural upholstery materials including african grass, horsehair, Hessian cloth etc. and more than 500 yearsoldcraftwork. Using original materials and technologies not only makes the furniture functional but alsopreservesitshistoricalvalue. Whenchoosingupholsteryfabric, itshouldbe as close to the original as possible. For this type of furniture I recommend replicas of historical fabrics from Austrian company Backhausen.Theirhistorydatesback to 19th century,and overthetimetheyhave beenworkingwiththebestfabricdesigners.TodayBackhausenis world´s top historicalfabricproducer. When a wooden frame restauration is needed I cooperate with renovation carpenter workshop of Jan Vondrak.

Retro and modern furniture redesign

I upholster this type of furniture with contemporary upholstery technology using foam and fleece. I can also ensure wooden frame renovation. While choosing an upholstery fabric for this type of furniture it is important thatthefabricpattern and structureiscorrespondingwiththe periodwhenthefurniturewas designed, but the fabric should also go with the modern interior. This is the way we reach timelessness, that emphasizes stylishness and uniqueness of this furniture. With this type of furniture I recommend design fabrics imported from England – brands Romo, Kirkby Design, Villa Nova, Zinc, Mark Alexander and Black Edition.

Historical furniture handcanning with natural strandcane

Many pieces of handcanned furniture end up hammered down with plywood and upholstered into fabric, because it´s too hard to restore. I cane this furniture returing it back to its original beauty. This technology is very labour-intense but the result is worth it.

Offer of luxurious upholstery fabrics

The choice of upholstery fabric is half of the success during furniture renovation. My philosophy is, that each hand-made piece of furniture shouldbeuniquedistinguishedby itsappearance and quality from ordinary big retail store production. The purpose of the upholstery shouldbenot justreplacingoldragged fabric with new and cleanone but emphasizingthestyle in which the furniture was designed. Upholsteryrenovationgivesthefurniturenewappearance by choosing a matching upholstery fabric. Inmy offerI include such fabrics distinguished by their coloring, pattern and structure from the ordinary production. For the time being, my requirements best meet products of Austrian company Backhausen and fabrics from the Romo group imported from England. In my workroom I have more than 1500 fabricpatternsavailable, some of them you can see in the fabrics calatog. Do not hesitate to contact me in the case of very specific requirement.