Offer of luxurious upholstery fabrics

nabídka luxusních potahových látek

The choice of upholstery fabric is half of the success during furniture renovation. My philosophy is, that each hand-made piece of furniture should be unique distinguished by its appearance and quality from ordinary big retail store production. The purpose of the upholstery should be not just replacing old ragged fabric with new and clean one but emphasizing the style in which the furniture was designed. Upholstery renovation gives the furniture new appearance by choosing a matching upholstery fabric. In my offer I include such fabrics distinguished by their coloring, pattern and structure from the ordinary production.

For the time being, my requirements best meet products of Austrian company Backhausen and fabrics from the Romo group imported from England.

In my workroom I have more than 2000 fabric patterns available.

Do not hesitate to contact me » in the case of very specific requirement.